mardi 14 avril 2009

Nitin Vadukul

Nitin Vadukul

Born in Kenya, April 20, 1965
Lives and works in New York City

One Artist Exhibitions

2007 The Art of War / Ogilvy and Mather Adertising, New York City
2007 The Art of War / Hardcore Art Contemporary Space, Miami, FL
2007 The Art of War / BBH Advertising, New York City
2006 The Art of War / Richard Sena Gallery, Hudson, NY

Group Exhibitions

2008 Xavier Mascaro / Museum of Contemporary Art, Salta, Argentina
2007 Photo Miami, Miami, FL
2006 Hip Hop Immortals / Vaknin Gallery, Atlanta,GA
2006 Group Exhibit, curated by Grzegorz Kepinski /Hudson Arts walk Hudson NY
2006 Hardcore / Art Contemporary Space, Miami, FL
2006 Vortex, Energies of Silence / Space 2048 Miami , FL
2005 HIP HOP IMMORTALS / Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris, France
2004 HIP HOP IMMORTALS / Govinda Gallery, Washington, D.C
2004 HIP HOP IMMORTALS / Proud Gallery, UK
2003 HIP HOP IMMORTALS / Adidas Store, NY
2003 HIP HOP IMMORTALS / Plus 81 Gallery. Tokyo, Japan
1998 Selling The President / Festival R’encontre, Arles, France.

Online Exhibitions

2008 The Art of War:

2008 Scarecrows:

2008 The Boy Dreams:

2008 RED:

2007 The Art of War The Saatchi Gallery Site:

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